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Understanding Eminent Domain in New York

Eminent Domain Issues? Protect Your Rights

Under New York State’s laws of eminent domain, government entities have the authority to “condemn” privately held real estate and compel the property owner to accept a fair payment. Generally, a local government may press for condemnation when it has plans for expanding utilities or roads for the common good. Unfortunately, these plans don’t always coincide with the property owner’s plan for land use. Because of the legal precedent regarding eminent domain, it is often very difficult for property owners to fight condemnation. Often, the legal issue to be decided comes down to the fair market value of the property and the amount offered, which may differ significantly.

If you are involved in an issue relating to eminent domain, the Law Offices of E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy, LLP, has the experience you need. Our firm has been handling condemnation cases, eminent domain proceedings and property valuation issues since we opened our doors in 1990. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation about any eminent domain or condemnation matter.

Attorneys with Experience in Eminent Domain and Property Condemnation Cases

We have a successful case history of handling many of the most complex property valuation cases in New York.  Some representative clients in cases involving eminent domain / real property valuation include:

  • Capital District Transit Authority
  • Albany County Airport Authority
  • City of Albany, New York
  • New York Power Authority
  • Many additional county authorities, municipalities and property owners

Professional real estate tax and property valuation services

Partner Patrick Seely leads our eminent domain practice and has handled a wide range of property types including: apartments, condominiums and cooperatives; regional malls and strip shopping centers; utility power plants; transmission and distribution electric lines and gas pipelines; offices; reservoirs; industrial complexes; and golf courses and other complex property valuation cases. Mr. Seely has lectured in all areas relating to real estate valuation, property tax and eminent domain, and has written extensively for the legal journals.

Whatever side of the eminent domain issue you may be on, you can rely on our experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Mr. Seely at our Albany, Troy, Latham or Saratoga Springs law office.