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Hacker Murphy LLP Gives Back to the Community


Founded in 1898, Hacker Murphy LLP (ESJHM) stands as one of New York state's most distinguished boutique litigation and trial firms, specializing in personal injury, criminal defense, and commercial litigation. Our journey spans over a century, marked by a steadfast commitment to serving individuals and families, championing vital causes, and achieving remarkable outcomes for our clients.

A Historic Milestone

We firmly believe in the power of education, mentorship, and collaboration.

Our partnership with Albany Law School is not just an affiliation but a reflection of our deep commitment to the legal community. ESJHM is sponsoring a prize for the school's prestigious Senior Prize Trials, aiding the development of the next generation of trial lawyers.

The Karen C. McGovern Senior Prize Trials

Albany Law School's Karen C. McGovern Senior Prize Trials are a crucial part of legal education. This competition involves teams of two students engaging in rigorous litigation, providing them with a simulated courtroom experience to prepare them for the challenges of legal practice. The semester-long contest started in September and will conclude in November, and it marks the first year students will receive monetary prizes for their achievements.

ESJHM has committed to supporting this initiative by offering a substantial prize to the winning team, with $2,000 in total, divided equally between the two winning participants. The prize is awarded after Commencement in May, and ESJHM's five-year commitment will provide a total of $10,000 to assist the future of trial attorneys.

Here's to a brighter future in the legal profession and many more years of dedicated service to our community.

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