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Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney When Charged With a Violation

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In New York State, violations are not considered crimes – so a conviction will not result in a criminal record, unlike misdemeanor or felony convictions, which do establish a criminal record. A conviction could, however, result in a sentence of up to 15 days in jail, fines, and/or community service.

Legal representation is strongly advised, even in the instance of a violations charge. An experienced criminal charges attorney will be better prepared to protect your rights and may be able to have a violations charge dismissed or reduced, effectively eliminating any potential for jail time and/or reducing fines or other penalties.

Violation Charges in New York State

The following charges are violations in NY:

  • Appearance in Public Under the Influence of Narcotics or a Drug, Other than Alcohol – (NY Penal Code 240.40)
  • Criminal Solicitation in the 5th Degree – (NY Penal Code 100.00)
  • Disorderly Conduct – (NY Penal Code 240.20)
  • Exposure of a Person – (NY Penal Code 250.01)
  • Failing to Respond to an Appearance Ticket – (NY Penal Code 215.58)
  • Harassment in the 2nd Degree – (NY Penal Code 240.26)
  • Hazing in the 2nd Degree – (NY Penal Code 120.17)
  • Loitering – (NY Penal Code 140.35)
  • Misconduct by a Juror in the 2nd Degree – (NY Penal Code 215.28)
  • Offensive Exhibition – (NY Penal Code 245.05)
  • Promoting Exposure of a Person – (NY Penal Code 245.02)
  • Trespass – (NY Penal Code 140.05)
  • Unlawful Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds – (NY Penal Code 265.06)
  • Unlawful Possession of Marijuana – (NY Penal Code 221.05)
  • Unlawful Prevention of Public Access to Records – (NY Penal Code 240.65)
  • Unlawfully Posting Advertisements – (NY Penal Code 145.30)

Sentencing Guidelines for Violation Convictions in New York State

A violation may not seem like a big deal, until you are sentenced to jail time which could negatively impact your work or career, or community service that interferes with your ability to fulfill your responsibilities at work or home.

Conviction of a Violation in NY could result in:

  • Up to 15 days in jail,
  • Fines, and/or
  • Community service

We take every case seriously and apply our expertise to protect your rights and defend you against any and all charges you may face. We are proud to provide a professional legal defense that is experienced and affordable.

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